5 Thoughts that Can Instantly Make Your Day Better

Some days we just need to slow down, take a breath and get reminded of how much more we are capable of creating in our own life. We need someone who believes in us and is willing to support us .

So here you go, someone is thinking about you and cares- but most importantly believes that YOU CAN MAKE YOUR DAY BETTER -RIGHT NOW.

Here is how:

1. Even if you might not believe it at the moment, you are capable of much more then you give ourselves credit for. Decide that”playing small” doesn’t serve the World and you will get a”boost” needed  to express your needs, admit your emotions, go for your dreams. For your own sake limit your challenges, but challenge your limits.

2. In a society that thrives on insecurity, self doubt, pressure and stress caring about yourself and liking yourself is the BEST gift that keeps on giving. Every time you are in the midst of a chaotic situation remember to hold some space for yourself, even if it means a 2 minute “closed eye focus” on the toilet seat.

3. Consider your emotions like GPS. Your emotional guidance system is always honestly telling you what’s up. Therefore,you have to take the time to feel and notice your emotions in the present moment. When you feel good, keep going! When you feel bad, get present and don’t be afraid, there is wisdom to be found. Let your heart lead your though the day, not your “messed up” head 😀 

4. Clear up and open your mind. Constantly challenge your own believes, values and  memories.  Make “reality checks” by simply asking “Is it?”- every time you form an opinion.  Keeping the mind closed often makes us respond from the past events that are already over and done. Closed mind is creating disconnections in our relationships and brings suffering to our lives.

5. We are all imperfectly perfect so lets keep forgiving and having passion for ourselves. We are not responsible for what we feel or the impact we have on others but if our feelings and impact isn’t working for us or others it is our DUTY to make corrections.

Nothing can bring you inner-peace and happiness but yourself.

And even though you can’t use force to gain inner peace and happiness you can always re-examine your priorities. Am I putting enough time and effort today into activities that nurture my body, mind and spirit?

Inner Peace and Happiness are Habits that are developed over time. If you would like some support in developing them let me know. 




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