Dive deep into the wounding of your feminine ancestral line and bring healing to the Feminine within you and around you.

This workshop is for you if you:

-would like to heal, release and let go of old patterns that block the manifestation of the Sacred Feminine in your daily life

-are ready to let go of the conditioning, misbeliefs, false ideas, transgenerational trauma from your lineages

-would like to reconnect to the Divine and become the real empowered strong, sacred, blessed woman

-would like to heal through the layers reaching deep levels of the soul
-are looking to dive deeper into self-love by stepping into the Sacred Feminine

-want to reunite with the Sister Women for deep healing, connection and support

This healing is going to take place in a realm that’s beyond the mind. This workshop is for all women who have some experience in realms of inner healing, self-discovery, personal growth or spiritual work. This workshop is not recommended for women who are “mind focused” and not able to surpass the rational thinking. Please contact us for more info about this.

We are combining Family Constellations, Core Cellular Healing, Ontological Coaching, Mindfulness, Psycho-Spiritual Therapy, shamanic rituals and dancing.

Expect going deep into your body and energy field to discover, heal and transform.

Price for the 2-Day Workshop: 180 EURO

No refunds.

Workshop Facilitators:

Marija Nuic, MA psycho-spiritual therapist and intuitive energy healer.
Marija’s healing journey started with the 4-year psychology education. Immediately after that, she continued with the 4-year program of Psycho-Spiritual Integrative Therapy where she was trained in energy healings according to Barbara Ann Brennan method and Integrative
Psychotherapy. The following year she was in training to become a Family Constellations facilitator.

In her love for dancing, sensuality and self-love she founded and created Pole Dance Therapy.

Her journey continued with a year of training for Core Cellular Healing.
Marija dedicated her life to healing and therapy through different modalities. She is working individually and with groups.

Find out more about Marija:

Sonja Roche:

Sonja is a Psychologist, Coach, Personal Development and Mindfulness Trainer. She holds a BA in Psychology, actively organises and facilitates workshops that offer embodied learning, healing and personal growth.
She is dedicated to discovering and sharing ways of leading a life of love, intention and dignity, through harmony in relationships. Firstly caring about your relationship with yourself then with everyone else.

She believes that inner peace is more precious than happiness and helps “serenity seekers” to look into their hearts for guidance and answers.
With her holistic approach to human beings, Sonja uses her knowledge and skills from: Transnational Analysis, Psycho-drama, Systemic Work and Family Constellations, Coaching, Meditation, NLP and Synergy Method.

Join us if you feel called.